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"Affordable Homes... Today and Tomorrow!"

COMMUNITY PARTNERS FOR AFFORDABLE HOUSING (CPAH) IS A NONPROFIT 501(C)(3) ORGANIZATION THAT PROVIDES PERMANENTLY AFFORDABLE HOUSING (both ownership and rental) for community members who struggle to meet their basic human need of housing. CPAH helps bridge the gap between the high cost of housing and the incomes of many low- to moderate-income households who live and work in the community - healthcare workers, school employees, retail staff, childcare providers, seniors, municipal employees, nonprofit staff, persons with disabilities and other community members experiencing personal or economic hardships.

CPAH currently partners with the cities of Highland Park, Evanston and Lake Forest in order to address affordable housing in a best-practice, regional and collaborative approach. The organization is widely recognized as a leader throughout the region. CPAH operates the first community land trust program in Illinois and remains at the forefront of perpetually affordable housing. We invite you to learn more about the organization and to get involved today.



  • Provides housing opportunities for low- and moderate-income households
  • Rehabilitates problem or blighted properties in the community
  • Promotes cultural and economic diversity
  • Creates valuable workforce housing
  • Preserves the community’s existing housing stock and neighborhood character
  • Develops an inventory of housing in the community that will remain affordable forever to assist future families
  • Assists local businesses to attract and retain employees
  • Promotes live-near-work housing which helps alleviate traffic congestion and the environmental impacts associated with long commutes
  • Helps communities comply with the Illinois Affordable Housing Planning and Appeal Act
  • Encourages workers to live and spend their incomes in the local economy
  • Provides employment opportunities for local contractors
  • Maximizes the cost-effectiveness of public and private investment for long-term community benefit

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Laurence's Story

We were living the dream—my wife and I had our own home and four beautiful children, and I had a thriving career.

But then life unraveled when my wife began to show signs of serious mental health issues. Because she needed care, and I had to assume full responsibility for our children. I switched jobs to be closer to home, but juggling it with demands at home proved impossible. Due to mounting health care costs and underemployment resulting from my caretaking responsibilities, we lost our house and filed for bankruptcy.

All we had left was the hope of keeping my kids in the only community they had ever know. But I could not find an affordable apartment or home to rent. Then I got the biggest break of my life—I found CPAH. CPAH worked with me until we were able to move into a CPAH apartment. What a turnaround it has been. The CPAH apartment changed our lives-- my children and I were able to stay in the community in a safe, permanent, affordable living situation.

Our CPAH apartment truly is an anchor. Everything else in our lives is built on this foundation—this HOME. CPAH is the best thing that could have happened to us. This holiday season, please support CPAH and help families like mine find their own anchor so they too can look to a brighter future."

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